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Add PortalAlias to context?


I tried to add an Open Graph meta tag to the template.
To get Facebook to recognize an image, you have to supply the full url including portal alias.
It would be nice if we could provide that like this:

"detailMeta": "{{#if Banner.url}}<meta property=\"og:image\" content=\"{{Context.PortalAlias}}{{Banner.url}}\" />{{/if}}"

now I have to hardcode the portalalias...
Closed Apr 5 at 8:49 PM by sachatrauwaen


sachatrauwaen wrote Apr 3 at 4:16 PM

In OpenContent 3.2 you can do http://{{Context.HTTPAlias}}{{Image}} for the image

Timo_Design wrote Apr 3 at 5:24 PM

Ok, sorry. I was convinced I already installed 3.2 on this test install, but I was wrong :-(