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Open Content 03.02.02

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Released: May 10, 2017
Updated: May 10, 2017 by sachatrauwaen
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Release Notes

Version 03.02.02

  • fix for redirect after save when popups disabled
  • fix for imagecrop2 field when cachebuster enabled

Version 03.02.01

  • Initialization screen on setup a new module on a page will not refresh correctly

Version 03.02.00

  • Embeded forms in templates
  • Global Google Api key for Address field and maps
  • HomeDirectory and HTTPAlias to Context
  • enhancement of model with dnn user
  • multi collections in one template folder
  • RestApi v2 for collections
  • Summernote Html Field
  • file caching for openurlrewriter
  • Save and close in Edit raw data
  • new handlebars template helper : convertToJson
  • manage templates without schema / options (no data)
  • new properties template with embeded forms and google map with global api key

  • Multi columns Form builder
  • Faster Handlebars with Global setting (Breaking change : variables case sensitive)
  • better DNN search results
  • new template parameter to skinobject
  • autocomplete in file2 field
  • file2 with File upload and url upload
  • simplyfy json for multi language lookup

  • avoid page refresh when save initial settings
  • color field
  • center in wysihtml html field
  • number fields in the formbuilder
  • other minor fixes

Thanks for the contributions of janjonas, cmarfia, skamphuisand and robsiera

OpenForm users : it is required to upgrade openform to version 3.2.x

Version 03.01.04

  • fix sorting on numer fields
  • fix center in the wysihtml field
  • avoid automatic reindexing when not needed
  • helpers in partial templates

Version 03.01.03

  • fix for bad rendering of select2 (dropdowns) based fields on IE on Bootstrap Edit form layout (global settings)

Version 03.01.02

  • Handlebars helper : truncateWords

  • Manage template without data (without schema and options file)
  • better layout for popups

  • Role filter is sometimes not applied
  • For DNN search integration (multi language, ...)
  • ImageCop2 : selection after upload
  • permission issue when editRole in manifest
  • avoid loading bootstrap after goback to dnn layout after bootstrap layout selection
  • detele button when popups deactivated

Version 03.01.01

  • Fix for compatibility issue for OpenForm module

Version 03.01.00

  • New Edit form layouts : DNN, Bootstrap, Bootstrap Horizontal (Global settings)
  • Role based items filtering
  • Rest Api with Swagger documentation
  • New field type : imagecrop2 (with dropdown)
  • show opencontent data from other portal (with datasourceConfig)
  • new glyphicons in Icon Field (for dnngo skin)

  • German language packs (de-DE and de-AT) . Thanks to Michal Tobisch
  • Support for DNNConnect.CKEditorProvider. Thanks to cmarfia
  • Caching on database access. Thanks to Jan Jonas
  • global settings to define number of max versions to keep. Thanks to Jan Jonas
  • generate unique filenames on image upload and remove special characters
  • DNN search integration (ML, output, ...)
  • Detail page dropdown list only pages with same module on it
  • Inject OpenContent in skin with skin object
  • new handlebars helpers : ifin, add, substract
  • default sorting by creation date in list templates
  • Datasource Provider extended for Additional Data

  • Filtering on multilanguage fields. Thanks to Jan Jonas
  • sql script for objectQualifier. Thanks to @cmarfia
  • flags on ML fiels when dnn installed on app folder. Thanks to Jan Jonas
  • sort and filer on ML fields
  • fix friendly url with html in it
  • fix delete button when popups not enabled

Version 03.00.01

  • ML TextArea

  • ImageCrop Field
  • autocomplete in Url Field
  • Filter and sorting on boolean fields

Version 03.00.00

  • Form Builder UI
  • Loging to Browser console (Global settings)
  • Edit Raw Data for Additional Data
  • Edit schema for Additional Data
  • Data Source Provider (Beta)

  • Alpaca updated to v 1.5.17
  • CKEditor Field speedup and fix some issues
  • Editor css & UI tweaks
  • Cropper field
  • Filter by querystring

Version 02.01.01

  • Edit raw data don't save ModuleTitle and throws error
  • Icon Picker don't work / missing js files

Version 02.01.00

  • List mode for great number of items powered by Lucene
  • New filter settings for list mode
  • Additional Data for user managed data like categories, tags, intro text, ...
  • Detail page selection for list mode
  • Icon picker field (bootstrap glyphicons and fortawesome)
  • Razor Templates works with DNN 8
  • Rss feeds
  • publish status and dates for each item
  • SEO for detail page
  • OpenurlRewriter provider

  • split template selection and template settings

  • Detail url in ML
  • numerfield

Version 02.00.00

  • Versionning
  • Multi language content
  • Auto attach module for multi language (Global setting)
  • Auto Editor role (Global setting)
  • Address Field with google search and geocoding
  • Multi items templates
  • Use other module content
  • Auto re size edit popup
  • Javascript bundling
  • Initialization form
  • Search results (contribution of @patrickgalbraith)
  • Install with db objectqualifier (contribution of @ufoloko)

Many sponcored features by @rsiera

More info

OpenForm users : it is required to upgrade openform to version 2.0

Version 01.03.01

  • Demo data not shown when not loged in

Version 01.03.00

  • Init screen with template selection & creation + template preview
  • New file field type
  • Possibility to store the templates in skin folder (OpenContent/Templates)
  • implement iportable and searchable
  • new version of wisyhtml (11)
  • Edit Raw settings
  • Azure compatible
  • passes EVS (
  • Adjust height of popup for optimized edit area
  • Web templates updates with demo data for preview

  • Error when no settings file present
  • Wisthtml editor do not save when in source mode
  • Save on edit and edit settings when popups are disabled

Version 01.02.00

  • Context.ModuleId, Context.PortalId available in Templates

New Templates
  • FlexSlider
  • Massonry

Version 01.01.01

  • New action in Template Exchange : Copy template

Bug fixes
  • add conditional load of ckeditor, only if dnnckeditor installed
  • fix : tooltip and collape d'ont work when adding elements to array
  • fix : make module template in Edit Template Files don't work properly

Version 01.01.00

This release fixes some small issues.
Include the latest version of

Attention - breaking change
For maximum compatibily with handlebarsjs : root variables are not more accessible from child context. Example : The Setting variable is not more accessible from in a each block. To acces the parent context, add ../ before your variable or add @root. before your variable. This affect the Bootstrap 3 Thumbnails template.

For the source version only :

This is also the minimum version for the new OpenForm module

Version 01.00.02

Initial public release

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